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How Radio Frequency, Ultrasound or Infrared Light Works

RF Tightening harnesses the power of sound, working at a deep layer of skin to:

  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Tighten skin
  • Eliminate blemishes
  • Create a more youthful complexion
  • Assist in overall facial sculpting

Benefits: RF Tightening Rejuvenation as a Surgical Alternative

Radio frequency and ultrasonic devices are ideal for their impact within deep skin layers, where they change protein structures, leading to a tighter, younger face.

The major benefits of RF tightening come from this deep tissue modification, as well as the skin’s own regeneration process after treatment. At the cellular level, this treatment works to:

  • Tone and hydrate skin cells
  • Volumize
  • Tighten
  • Smooth skin surface

Little or no downtime

Radio frequency is one of the best non-surgical treatments because it provides results with very little or no downtime. Regeneration of the skin continues to enhance results months after treatment.

How many sessions to achieve best results?

Each of our patients is on a unique treatment schedule at Under the Clouds, based on his or her skin, age, desired results and more. We often combine RF Tightening with other procedures and treatments in a beautifying regimen. Please see our FAQ for more details about how we make personalized recommendations designed to achieve what our patients want.

RF Devices: Professional Care Only!

As with all energy-based treatments, it is important to put your body in the care of an experienced, detail-oriented professional. Although radio frequency is a non-surgical procedure, the best results can only be obtained reliably with a skilled practitioner.

What to expect when you visit

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Val Daniyar D.M.D

Dental Spa Director

Dr. Daniyar is recognized expert in Cosmetic and Regenerative Dentistry. Having been trained by the most brilliant and respectable experts in the industry he brings his unique approach, knowledge and compassion to the filed of anti-aging.


Manuel Peña M.D

Medical Director

Dr. Pena brings his skills and expertise to Naples Dental and Laser Dental Center to complete the scope of full services we have to offer to our patients