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The art and science of medicine has advanced tremendously in the past few decades. We have now far greater understanding of fine mechanisms that regulate our body on many levels, including genetic and molecular as well as environmental. Rapidly developing and ever so sophisticated technologies have allowed us to look beyond frontiers that we could only dream about just a few years ago.  Not only can we successfully battle many diseases, but we also are able to allow our patients living longer and more fruitful lives whereas age is no longer a sentence but more and more rather a number.

While the science of medicine has progressed immensely overall, the borders between various medical sub-specialties started to fade away as we clearly understand that our bodies function as one whole unique interconnected system and should always be viewed as such. As a result, more and more often doctors team up and / or undergo rigorous new training that includes interdisciplinary integrated approaches and techniques to allow them to help their respective patients in more comprehensive and better ways.

As a part of the similar trend nowadays dentistry has become far more advanced than what it used to be some years ago. It is no longer a sub-specialty of medicine that deals strictly with tooth problems only. To successfully address teeth, mouth and surrounding tissues’ disorders a contemporary dental practitioner has to be well versed in many medical disciplines including internal diseases, dermatology, oncology, orthopedics, neurology, endocrinology to name a few. That is of course on the top of dentistry being a surgical specialty to begin with.  Very often your dentist would be the first one to see subtle changes that are sometimes constitute the signs of more serious underlying problems and even more often your dentist will battle the consequences of other systemic diseases that manifest themselves in the oral cavity and surrounding tissues. Simply put, dentists are more and more becoming what I would dub as physicians of the mouth, as sophisticated and as informed as other medical practitioners.

At the same time being a part of aesthetic medicine community dental and oral surgeons have been contributing greatly not only to improving their patients’ smile appearance, but also to preventing and / or addressing changes that take place as we age. Many crucial factors including teeth positioning and alignment, fullness and color of lips, chin structures, the vertical dimension of the lower part of face, condition of the skin –  all are changing with time and all take great part in facial appearance that can be associated with one’s age. For instance, the presence of many vertical wrinkles around one’s lips is a direct function of two major factors: underlying support of teeth immediately behind lips and vertical support provided by back (chewing) teeth as well as also the changes in the skin quality that accumulate over the years.

So, what is contemporary aesthetic and anti-ageing dentistry? In our opinion it is a broad spectrum of procedures that is aiming to prevent or avert, reduce and mitigate, address and treat / correct aesthetic appearance of one’s teeth and related and surrounding tissues. Such spectrum of modalities can be either invasive / surgical, minimally invasive, non-invasive / non-surgical or functional and behavioral, or as often the case, the combination of thereof. To elaborate even further, aesthetic anti-ageing dentistry is a part of broader regenerative dentistry that can be defined as an art and science of healing related to restoration of tissues, organs and structures that were lost or altered as a result of a disease, trauma or atrophy. And here the latter one can be attributed to ageing as well.

Though it is impossible to stop the time and thus the aging process (well, not yet at least) learning more about the changes that take place as we grow older we have been able to boost body’s natural resources and use various techniques to significantly slow down and / or alter those changes. And just like all medical matters those changes can be addressed as they take place or, even so better, on a preventative base.  The latter has becoming a more prevalent and suggestible course of action considering many factors that are applicable to anti-aging medicine in general and dentistry in particular

Here at our center you will be pleased to find that we offer a unique array of preventative procedures as well as treatment services that fully reflect the current state of anti-aging, aesthetic and regenerative dentistry. Personalized approach and close up analysis allow us to put together an individualized treatment for you that will fully reflect your personality and lifestyle. Via pairing up if needed with leading and most experienced aesthetic and anti-aging specialists in the area such as dermatologists, plastic surgeons and endocrinologists we are able offer you the most comprehensive scope of options while bearing in mind that we treat you as a patient, an individual, not just a condition, with which you presented to us.


Obviously, it is far beyond the scope and the objective of this website to describe all that there is when it comes to biological aspects of aging, but a few relevant points are very noteworthy not to mention informative to help you understand some aspects of aesthetic and anti-aging dentistry better.

Here at our center we firmly believe that health ALWAYS equals beauty. No matter what age, the natural beauty always shines and is always a function and reflection of health, both physical or emotional.  In other words, every age has its own unique attributes of an incredible beauty. Such beauty perceived very subjectively by each one of us and is a composite image of a personality as whole rather than just physical appearance. However, we have to also acknowledge that physical appearance has a major impact on our personal emotional status, much so for our own perception and appeal because it turns out we are our own worst critiques. And for this exact reason we firmly believe that our patients have to be the architects of their appearance with the help of our expertise and thorough analysis.

So, what does happen when we age and what changes take place? There are several major aspects that contribute to changes in our body in general and our face in particular:

  • 1. Changes in face bone structures

    Throughout our lifetime the skeletal structures of our faces undergo constant change. in early stages such changes mostly include bone development and growth that is determined mostly by our genetic code as well as some environmental factors. Due to the latter even, identical twins start looking different as time passes. But for the most part the bones of facial skeleton grow in mass and mostly in volume since most of them are very porous and have air filled cavities that we call sinuses. However, at certain age regressive changes start to occur and at some point, prevail. Such regressive, or we call them atrophic, changes occur rather slowly, but accelerate as we grow older and occur sooner in women (due to osteoporosis, thinner bone structures compared to men) than in men. Most notable changes involve the bones of eye sockets (orbits), cheek bones, bone structures above eye brows regions and lower jaw. The transformation of bone anatomy in turn results in reduced and altered support of face soft tissues and in fact it is rather a major contributing factor to changes we observe in time on our faces. Once again it is important to mention the loss and wear of natural teeth and a result the loss of vertical support in lower face region. the tooth loss also leads to weakened functional chewing capacity and whenever functions are weaker bone mass regresses faster.

  • 2. Loss of fat tissue of the face.

    Whereas we would not recommend accumulating fat tissue anywhere else in your body, loosing fat tissue in facial region is one of the things you wish did not happen.  Just like bony structures the facial fat is a major supporting structure for facial skin, an important insulator and protector of facial skeleton, nerves and blood vessels. Beside all that the fat tissue of the face is a second most important determinant of how our faces shaped. Starting from early childhood, whereas cheek fat makes our babies look so adorable and doll-like, into adulthood and later into mature years facial fat undergoes constant changes that are rather more dynamic than such of the face bones.  The changes in facial fat tissues are subject to person’s age, weight and hormonal status. For instance, masculine faces appear more “carved” and with greater definition than if compared to softer features of a feminine face. It is estimated that the loss of facial fat occurs at 4 to 5 percent rate every year starting as early as at 30 years of age. And that is compounding percentage and those of you who are in the financial business can especially appreciate how quick the fat depletion takes place as it accelerates in more mature years. One may also erroneously think that a fairly effortless solution to this problem might be simply being overweight. Don’t want to disappoint some of you there looking for an excuse to not being fit, but it’s not that simple at all… Though maintaining healthy weight helps to alleviate rapid facial fat loss, as we age the hormonal changes that take place cause redistribution of fat throughout our body in general and within a facial and neck region in particular. Such hormonal changes often make target fat depots (facial fat is very compartmentalized!!)  to grow dis-proportionally larger in volume which in turn reflects on overall harmonious “smooth” look of aesthetically important face and neck structures altering their appearance in not so favorable way. On the top of that, excess fat accumulation also results in extra stretching of skin and skin fibers. The gravity completes the job and skin laxity ensues due to this among all other causes. As mentioned before the compartmentalized nature of the fat tissue, both deep and superficial, contributes greatly to formation of facial grooves that appear deeper and more pronounced as more fat loss occurs with time.

  • 3. Skin changes

    As if all above mentioned was not enough, the skin also undergoes rapid changes as we age. It is the most obvious transformation to all of us since this is what most of us notice first among all other changes. Well, there is a great reason for it. Being the largest organ in our body it is the first barrier that protects us from the environment and also the one that reflects the overall health status and one of the first ones to react to many health problems. Thus, as we previously said, beauty almost always equals health. The human skin is a very resilient tissue and has one of the greatest potentials for regeneration among all other tissues. With time, however, as many changes take place in our bodies and harsh effects of environmental factors accumulate skin slowly but surely gives up too!! So, what is the nature of the skin change? Just like with other above-mentioned factors we can talk endlessly about the details of skin aging, but one may narrow the description to a few most notable processes.  Facial and neck skin as well as the skin on our hands is the one that receives the most of the sunlight exposure throughout our lifetime. And it is not the sunlight that is so harmful, but rather the UV component of it. The latter one causes the formation of free radicals that are capable of damaging skin structures on even genetic levels. I suppose it is not a revelation of any sort to say that at this age of information free flow almost everyone (well, there is always an exception, right?) know that accumulation of harmful UV exposure causes skin cancer. But less remote and far more certain outcome of excessive UV radiation exposure is skin aging. The amassing of damaging free radicals leads to a breakdown of skin mesh structure that comprises of collagen and elastin fibers. Collagen and elastin are the proteins that function as building elements, both brick and mortar if you will, of our supporting structures including the ones of the skin. While we’re young our skin is capable of natural repair that is adequate to negate harsh environmental influences within the corridor of biologic adaptation. And as we pass the spring of our lifetime though at different times for each one of us the changes inevitably build up and repairative capacity of our skin depletes. As if the harsh environment was not too much already there is another factor that contributes to overall damage is just waiting around the corner and this one deserves a few lines dedicated here. And that is the action of the muscles of facial expression. Also referred as mimic muscles their name speaks for itself. They, well, express our emotions broadcasting them as we speak, laugh, cry and everything else in between. Unlike other muscles in our body these ones are attached directly to the skin and thus cause it to fold in certain patterns depending on the emotion being broadcasted. Multiple folding actions and skin folding in the same areas over and over again causes further collagen and elastin meshwork breakdown and eventually results in formation of permanent expression lines and wrinkles. Given the lack of repair capacity of aging skin those lines become a “permanent” feature bearing the “stamp of time” on our faces.

    UV light and other harsh environmental factors also cause other negative changes in skin composition. Known as “age spots” freckle like patches of various size and most of the time brownish in color start to appear as a sign of a building up UV/sun and other environmental damage. They may also often differ in texture and even feel somewhat rough. In this case they are called “keratosis“. Many other different conditions of the skin may also become more obvious or appear all new. Such as tiny blood vessels (capillaries) that become visible on the surface of the skin and sometimes look like red or purple spider webs. These are called telangiectasias and they may vary in severity, more characteristic for sun damaged skin and surely contribute to that aged look. And finally, last, but not least, we need to also mention the loss of normal skin hydration that results from diminishing skin metabolism and reduction of its regenerative capacity. Now how was that for a cherry top in this bitter cocktail?

    Well, I am certain that by now this whole narrative (if you kept reading of course) may have sounded to you as a horror franchise movie that looks like it just doesn’t end and in fact becomes more gruesome the more you read. But don’t despair! There are reasons to cheer. And just like with anything, the more you know the better you can deal with it, right? And we are here to help. We are on your side in this battle.


As we learn more and more and new discoveries amount in the modern medicine novel approaches are created beside just good old plastic surgeries and facelifts. Even though the surgical knife in many instances is the most effective tool the paradigms have been slowly shifting in favor of non-or less invasive procedures applied in timely manner and to do the actual surgery as the last resort.  The rationale behind them is to stimulate body’s natural reserves and thus postpone, mitigate and overall slow down the changes that take place as we grow mature.  Chances are that all of us youth junkies will at some point consider a plastic surgery for whatever area we and our doctors may seem it’s needed but before that moment arrives there is something in the store that surely is quite effective too.

And before we move onto what we do for you here at our Center I should start with what you can do to help yourself to stay, feel and look younger.  The same mantra should be repeated again: Health equals beauty!!  Remember that!!

  1. Lead a healthy lifestyle: exercise, meditate, eat healthy, sleep well, avoid stress or manage it effectively. All those things are still as valid as brushing and flossing when it comes down to taking care of your smile. Remember that if your body is overwhelmed with unhealthy influences (such as smoking) whatever we may do to help you may not last or work at all.
  2. Avoid excessive sun exposure and use protection at all times when you are outside. My dear Florida crowd, you know that as much as we all worship our sun here let’s all try to enjoy it without inflicting any damage upon ourselves. It really does not have to be that way!!
  3. See us regularly for your aesthetic evaluations and regular appointments with one of our aestheticians. Just like you need to see your friendly hygienist to keep your teeth and gums healthy same goes for your skin. Properly cared and well hydrated skin always responds better to any procedure that you may need or select to have as a part of your anti-ageing battle.
  4. See us to evaluate your mouth and teeth regularly to avoid and / or treat such common disorders as sleep apnea and tooth grinding. Sleep deprivation leads to hormonal disbalances, depletion of body reserves, emotional fatigue, tired looks and as a result premature ageing. And tooth grinding is one big major cause in lower face reduction that results in aged look (see above) beside all other bad things it may cause.
  5. See your physician regularly to have your yearly evaluations and to make sure that nothing goes unnoticed. Remember: HEALTH EQUALS BEAUTY!!

To put it simply: your body is the garden of your soul. And doesn’t your soul deserve a good gardener?


As we move onto describing the details of what we do, allow me to briefly explain the core concept of what is defined as anti-aging strategy and why it works.

In simple view our body is built as unique and very complex machine that sustains itself as a stable system against all environmental / external factors as well as against any internal malfunctions.  But those build up with age and our capacity to withstand them diminishes in both qualitative and quantitative aspects.

To this point we came to realize that battling changes that take place with time is to compensate the influence of destructive exogenous factors (such as leading healthier life styles, fighting oxidation and staying away from excessive UV exposure to mention a few) as well as mitigate loss in morphology (reduction in facial muscle activity, facial fillers, plastic surgery). Another path that we explore is to mobilize body’s natural capacity to regenerate. The latter one includes above mentioned reduction of exogenous factors plus something we introduce as part of aesthetic medicine and dentistry in out attempt to boost such regeneration and hence rejuvenation.

Well known saying goes: “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and to a great extent it holds true. As I mentioned above our bodies are designed to withstand and interact with environment on many levels. Such interaction is capable of producing our body’s response in a form of a so called compensatory or adaptational change. The best example being muscles growing as a result of a regular physical activity.   However, any adaptational change can only occur in sustainable way if any given environmental force that produces such adaptation does not exceed a certain level, beyond which our body and cells are no longer capable generating an adequate and protective response.

Furthermore, those of you who are familiar with a field of pharmacology would agree with me that the science about medications is not only about the drug itself as a chemical substance, but more importantly about the dosage at which those chemical substances that we call medications are applied. Because it is precisely the dosage that can produce either a curative effect or the one of a toxic and harmful nature.  And just like in case with medications the aesthetic medicine is all about proper selection of the healing agent or a combination thereof while applying it at appropriate meticulous dosage. This way our tissues are stimulated to respond with regenerative and thus rejuvenating adaptational change. Usage of lasers and radio frequency energy based devices in aesthetic dentistry and medicine can serve as a great example whereas if the energy applied to the living tissues at curative levels it produces stimulating results that can be quite remarkable, but if applied at too high levels can be nothing more, but destructive weapons.


    As described Here (link) prolonged and repetitive facial muscle movements over the years paired up with loss of collagen and elastin unfortunately accumulate further fracturing of collagen fibers and overall facial tissue volume redistribution. Introduction of small controlled dosage of Botulinum toxin allowed us to produce desirable facial muscle relaxation and as a result a significant reduction in facial expression lines and deep wrinkles. The most famous example of neuromodulation injection would be Botox(Allergan), which at this point became a household name and by far the most popular facial aesthetic procedure. Similar products that produce same effect are Xeomin and Dysport

    In our practice for more than ten years we successfully use various neuromodulating agents to achieve the most desirable outcome. We suggest that Botox injections were combined with other anti ageing procedures to achieve the best results.


    The usage of fillers is designed to mitigate and restore tissue volume loss and redistribution (hyperlink) sustained by facial (and not only!) soft tissues. At this point facial fillers are very common in every aesthetic practice and almost completely replaced usage of hard facial implants such as cheek and chin inserts. Current generation of facial fillers show great biocompatibility and versatility of use. Facial fillers can be classified as permanent and resorbable. The former ones include fat injection that is harvested from other parts of your body. But it is the latter ones that gained the most popularity due to their flexibility of application as well as remarkable biological stimulating effect. And almost always we nowadays use neuromodulation (Botox, etc.) with fillers for such combination yields the most desirable outcomes.

    In our aesthetic practice we use various types of tissue fillers depending on a specifically desired goal that we need to achieve in every individual case.

    Hyaluronic acid based fillers (Juvederm, Restylane and Belotero) are the most popular ones and used to augment and volumize face areas to produce either lifting, smoothing or both. Hyaluronic acid is a natural component of our own connective tissue and therefore is very biologically acceptable.

    Hydroxyl apatite based gels (Radiesse) are used for moderate fills, but may last longer and produce exceptional smooth results while also stimulating collagen formation. Radiesse can also be used for smoothing and filling aging hands

    –   L-Polylactic Acid (Sculptra) is a remarkable substance that though provides mild filling effect is capable of stimulating the tissue to respond with new collagen formation thus adding more tightening and firming in a long -term effect.

    All three filler types can be used in combination to achieve re-sculpting of the face, add volume, hydration and lift to the facial structures and skin.


    Beside applying exogenous factors to produce stimulation and thus biological compensation more often than not we have to also help our body’s adaptation process to take proper course.  This is achieved through implementation of growth factors that initiate regenerative response into the areas where regenerative response is needed. And of course, the best and safest growth factors are the ones that your own body produces!!

    To obtain those factors we draw and further process your own blood. The whole process involves highly precise equipment that separates certain fractions of your blood which we later carefully handle to produce the serum that is saturated with your own growth factors. Such serum is then being activated and either injected into or applied directly to your skin.

    What does it do? A lot!! We are able to see far better response to our other treatment modalities.  In many instances introduction of blood derived growth factors can even be used as a separate treatment that is capable of delivering great correction and repair to the tissues where it’s being applied. For long we have been using it as a great supplement to our bone grafting or dental implant surgeries. But it turns out that this procedure has very broad spectrum of applications and virtually no contraindications with very minimal side effects yet producing considerable results whenever a biological stimulation is desirable.


    It has been known for quite some time to the medical community that different energy sources are capable of producing various biological effects on the living tissue and cells. In fact, the light interaction with living cells is quite fascinating and creates response on many levels, including gene and DNA. As with anything else the response is dependent on multitude of factors. The response to lasers and light-based therapies is also based on a particular wave length (or a combination of thereof), tissue targeted and delivered energy characteristics.  Generally speaking we now can tweak our lasers and lights to produce either stimulative, thermal or ablative (evaporation) effects and by selecting a specific wave length we are also able to target different tissues or tissue components.  Not only that, but we learned to successfully remove / dissolve artificially introduced pigments such as tattoos. For instance, by using blue light broad band light therapy we can selectively target acne causing bacteria, or using red or infrared light lasers we can target hair follicles. And higher wavelength lasers (ErYAG, CO2) are capable of evaporating and coagulating skin surface while producing controlled trauma which in turn restarts regeneration and rejuvenation.

    One remarkable feature of light stands out among them all: at lower controlled doses and at specific combination of selected light bands the skin is capable of receiving a major metabolic and rejuvenating boost that is researched to be occurring on genetic level. Dubbed as “photofacial” treatment this remarkable light-based therapy can be administered as pre and post-operative procedures before and after cosmetic surgeries, laser resurfacing procedures as well as simple maintenance for supporting healthy and bright looking skin. (BBL Sciton, IPL)

    And then there is infrared light. The wavelength that is invisible to our eyes. This light energy is capable of penetrating deeper into the biological tissues and produce a variety of biological effects, one of which is deeper controlled tissue heating. Such heating is observed to have tissue modulation effect as well as tightening. (SkinTyte, Sciton).


These are two other energy based applications designed at affecting biological tissues to produce stimulant and regenerative response. They are designed much like other energy based devices to produce controlled fractional (pinpoint or otherwise limited / scattered) thermal injury which when applied within an acceptable biological corridor will produce compensatory and super compensatory response in a form of biological regenerative cascade.

Radio-frequency devices as their name suggests utilize the energy produced between electrodes or by the heating element to create a subtle injury and tissue protein modification (coagulation, denaturation) that produces in turn a desirable effect within postoperative time of 3-6 months (Termi, Infini, Profound) Similar effect, but just a different energy type is used in ultrasonic devices, which through the energy of ultrasonic waves produces similar effect (Ulthera)

Both RF and ultrasonic devices allow deeper tissue application directly beneath the skin layer which distinguishes them from laser applications, which in many instances (but not all) exert their action on and/or through skin outer layer


Current multiple applications and different technologies are all designed to target certain links of very complex chain of the aging process. Hence the best results are always achieved when multiple modalities are utilized while paired up with other regeneration conducive factors such as healthy lifestyle, nutritional balancing and detoxification and protection against harmful UV rays.




We live in amazing times whereas your your doctor can be a true artist in a full sense of this word. Facial sculpting and rejuvenation was unthinkable a few years ago or only available to selected few who could afford to enter the club of selective plastic surgery. But nowadays we have the knowledge and the technologies that are safe and reliable to ensure that the access to beauty is the privilege of only a few fortunate ones. It is exciting and most surely rewarding! And it is never to early to start taking care of your precious gift of youth. Remember: Health is Beauty!



Erasing time stamp and bringing back that useful appearance they became a standard and very popular procedures.



A perfect solution for people who are tired of messy make up or simply allergic to some of its ingredients.



Gentle yet very effective they have no contraindications for use and the results are nothing short of remarkable.



There are solutions that can also take away something you’d always wanted to vanish. And double chin is surely one of those things.



Revolutionary combination of precisely tuned two laser systems allows to address many common skin blemishes that are related to sun damage and / or age.



Pump up the skin with this curing light and watch the magic to take place! Do it often and make everyone jealous of how your skin looks and feels.



The procedure that allows to have the results comparable with a full surgery without having one.

Jet Peel


Dramatically improve your appearance as Jet Peel deep cleans, exfoliates, hydrates and oxygenates your skin.



Val Daniyar D.M.D

Dental Spa Director

Dr. Daniyar is recognized expert in Cosmetic and Regenerative Dentistry. Having been trained by the most brilliant and respectable experts in the industry he brings his unique approach, knowledge and compassion to the filed of anti-aging.


Manuel Peña M.D

Medical Director

Dr. Pena brings his skills and expertise to Naples Dental and Laser Dental Center to complete the scope of full services we have to offer to our patients


Working with patients, schedules, downtime, cost, and more.

If you have not worked with us before, you have a lot of questions about what your treatment will look like, how we will respond to your needs and parameters.

We have included the most common questions and answers regarding treatment schedule, downtime, side effects and cost below, and please give us a call to see what we can do for you!

Are there potential allergies and side efects?

We take your well being very seriously at Under the Clouds Dental Spa, and we take steps to ensure your health and safety at all times while helping you to look and feel better! One of the best reasons to seek professional advice for anti-aging treatments is to understand potential allergies and side effects of treatment.

Before we begin any procedure, we perform the necessary tests to ensure your health, and we inform you fully of potential risks, limitations, downtime, as well as other considerations that are pertinent to your professional and social life.

What can I expect during my first visit?

In your initial visit, you will meet our friendly concierge coordinator who will introduce you to our office and everything we have to offer. You will meet our head aesthetician and doctor who will listen attentively to your concerns and design a treatment strategy that will be suitable for you specifically. At the same time, we will review your current health condition as it might be relevant to any treatment that we may choose together.

Will my treatment cause pain?

Each treatment will be more or less invasive, and each treatment can be modified to become less or more aggressive.

Once you and doctor have agreed on most beneficial treatment, we will make you aware of all necessary anaesthesia if any will be needed, any related downtime, social considerations, and any other concerns you might have. In many instances, we try to ensure that your life goes with as little interruption as possible, and we work around your schedule to achieve optimal results.

How frequently will I need treatment?

Staying in shape physically takes constant discipline and exercise. To maintain physical beauty and health requires your constant attention, as well.

The frequency of your treatment will be determined by the doctor and will be dependent on the depth of the problem and the amount of correction desired. Certain treatments may need to be repeated for the best results, or combined with other modalities, as well as maintenance.

How much will anti-aging treatment cost?

Every patient’s package is customized individually. Our prices are quite reasonable, but more importantly the value far exceeds what you will pay. Call us for details or special promotions today! We are here to help you be healthy, beautiful and happy.