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HALO Laser Facial Rejuvenation

Clarify skin blemishes and other signs of age while stimulating deep regenerative capabilities within one anti-aging treatment.

  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Tighten skin
  • Improve skin texture
  • Reduce porosity
  • Reduce sun damage
  • Remove visible spider veins and capillaries
  • Remove age spots
  • Introduce the glow back to your skin

HALO Laser Treatment on Face, Neck, Chest... Anywhere

HALO can be successfully applied to skin of almost any area of one’s body. The most popular applications being face and neck, decollete / chest as well as hands and shoulders. Paired with other anti-aging treatment procedures, dramatic improvements can be achieved.

The Power of HALO: Smart Laser Treatment

For a long time, lasers have been capable of destroying skin layers or passing through and stimulating beneficial regeneration and changes without removing skin.

Different wavelengths will also differ in their ability to penetrate the skin, some being attuned for more superficial blemishes with others impacting deep tissue.

HALO combines two programmable, pulsed wavelengths to treat multiple levels simultaneously: ablative and non-ablative, surface-level and deep, producing best-of-both-world results.

  • Less downtime than most ablative procedures,
  • More dramatic and immediate benefits than non-ablative procedures.
  • Greatest range of treatment than other laser skin resurfacing options

Hybrid fractional laser recovery time

Because Halo Laser Treatment combines ablative and non-ablative treatments, the recovery time is somewhere in between what we see with either treatment type. We recommend applying PRP and growth factors to further improve recovery, and there are a number of factors that will add or detract downtime in every case.

Generally, we recommend taking the first 24 hours after treatment to recover. After this, treatment effects will be manageable with makeup, and two days later, the benefits of treatment begin to bloom.

If downtime is a problem, it is also possible to schedule more sessions to reduce intensity per session, thereby decreasing downtime, while still achieving the results you want.

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Val Daniyar D.M.D

Dental Spa Director

Dr. Daniyar is recognized expert in Cosmetic and Regenerative Dentistry. Having been trained by the most brilliant and respectable experts in the industry he brings his unique approach, knowledge and compassion to the filed of anti-aging.


Manuel Peña M.D

Medical Director

Dr. Pena brings his skills and expertise to Naples Dental and Laser Dental Center to complete the scope of full services we have to offer to our patients