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Soft Foot Treatment and Massage

“These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do…”

We walk all over our feet. Every day. Every week since we learned to walk we have been walking all over our feet, causing the skin to protect the bones with added layers of protection, causing the musculature to tense and tighten… Isn’t it time to take a load off?

Under the Clouds Dental Spa provides soft foot treatment spa therapies and massages as add-on treatments to enhance your stay and guide your luxurious lunchtime getaway. While you are defying age with our professional, non-invasive facial procedures, why not give your feet a restful and rejuvenating load-off? They deserve it.

  • 15-minutes of bliss
  • “It’s like you are covering my feet in Hawaii”
  • Massage
  • Sumptuously soft feet treatment
  • All-natural exfoliants

Sumptuously Soft Foot Treatment Spa

Our exfoliating foot treatments begin with a cleansing exfoliation that is custom-designed for your skin and activity level.

Exfoliating Scrub

Our licensed aestheticians consult before they choose from our extensive selection of nourishing exfoliants. Most commonly, our patients enjoy all-natural, organic scrubs: sea salts, sugars, oatmeals, which detoxify and remove excess skin.


After the scrub, a peel is applied to further remove build-up, revealing more youthful, vibrant skin underneath.

Warm Spa Treatment for the Feet

After our invigorating exfoliating procedure, the skin is primed to receive extra nourishment and hydration. As part of our sumptuously soft foot treatment spa, we place your weary feet carefully into warm lapping water enriched with nutrients customized to soften and moisturize your skin type. The water’s heat energy helps the nutrients to penetrate into the deep tissue, softening and also tightening the skin. Your feet emerge, totally relaxed and baby-soft.

Foot Treatment Spa: Massage

Youth is more than a cosmetic feature; it is also a state of mind. Over the course of any given day, the world will leave deposits of fear, resentment, desire, and other emotional build-up that forms a barrier between us and our inner child. We can feel these barriers on an emotional and physical level.

Massage therapy soothes and increases circulation to the foot and ankle, helping to reduce muscle tension and pain, but perhaps more importantly to encourage the breakdown of emotional buildup, leading to full muscle relaxation and reduced stress.




Val Daniyar D.M.D

Dental Spa Director

Dr. Daniyar is recognized expert in Cosmetic and Regenerative Dentistry. Having been trained by the most brilliant and respectable experts in the industry he brings his unique approach, knowledge and compassion to the filed of anti-aging.


Manuel Peña M.D

Medical Director

Dr. Pena brings his skills and expertise to Naples Dental and Laser Dental Center to complete the scope of full services we have to offer to our patients