Daniyar has been our family doctor for over 10 years, and we are very blessed to be his patients. Before meeting Dr. Daniyar I was terrified of all dentists, but he put me at ease during my very first visit to his office. Every single time he makes you feel as if you are the only patient he has. His goal is to create trusting long-time relationships. Dr. Daniyar is carrying, positive, energized and with a great sense of humor. Also he is very knowledgeable and always answers all of my questions. In addition, before performing any procedures, he explains what he is going to do and what to expect. During all dental work, Dr. Daniyar constantly checks if I feel any pain and if he needs to adjust anything. Knowing this really helps me to relax. Over the years I’ve developed a great trust in Dr. Daniyar as he never tried to impose services or products that I really didn’t need. On the contrary, often he will talk me out of things and will explain why. He really listens and keeps my interests first. Dr. Daniyar has a beautiful family and his wife, Olga, runs the office. Just as her husband, she is very carrying, warm and dedicated to the patients. Their entire staff makes you feel welcomed. They go far and beyond than you would expect. As a recent example – I wanted for my toddler to start getting used to the dental office and the equipment. So I decided to schedule him for his very first tooth “cleaning” with their dental hygienist, Susan. Well, as I feared, my child didn’t want to do anything with the dentist office and refused to enter her room. To my surprise, Susan sat with him on the floor and just talked and played for the entire duration of the cleaning session. Afterwards, we repeated this numerous times and, finally, she won him over! My son loves Susan and has no problems following her procedures. During our lengthy process of getting accustomed, no one ever made us feel uncomfortable or that we were bothersome. They kept encouraging us and insisted on bringing my son as many times as it will take! I couldn’t be thankful enough.


Val is a very compassionate, knowledgeable dentist who makes his patients feel comfortable even during the most unpleasant procedures. Dr. Val is awesome and I would recommend him to anyone!


Love this place! The staff is wonderful and Dr. Daniyar is a very knowledgeable and passionate health care professional


They are very superb service provider if I could take services of Dental then I would not like to take any other option. Their staff is very talented and professional. They are very highly commanded on their staff.


I’m somewhat new to the area and one day while at work during lunch, out of the blue my crown breaks and is poking my toung when I talked, and it hurt. I got on my phone and this dentist office was closest to where I worked. Called them and they got me in within 30 minutes. Checked me out, told me I would need a new crown and ground off the part that was irritating my toung. I was back to work in less than an hour. I have been getting all of my toothy needs there ever since. The staff is professional as well as pleasant and they care about my health and well being. By the way…I’ve never waited longer than 5 minutes in the waiting room. You all are A+ in my book.


Val Daniyar and his staff always make me feel better after leaving office- sense of humour,knowledge and high professionalism makes dentist visit a fun.Dr.Daniyar in his work combines compassion and dedication in helping each of patient achieve perfect as possible and comfortable function ( ok-one of the most important functions of the mouth is chewing) and a smile, that lasts lifetime.Thank you, Val, I do live more happy life-because of your skills!


Each time I have been there I have been treated well and given top of the line care. They all truly care that you leave satisfied and comfortable after each appointment.


Val Daniyar and his stuff is all you need for your dental needs. I never seen a man with such determination and focus to his job as Dr.Daniyar. He is been my doctor for over 10 years. My job requires to drive around a lot and meet people, so I have heard many times from other people their experiences with Dr. Daniyar and how professional he is, so that’s gives me even more confidence and assurance in him.


How good is Dr. Daniyar one might ask? Well, I think the fact that I and my family travel over 1300 miles to Naples once or twice per year speaks for itself. And it’s totally worth the journey. Not only Dr. Daniyar is honest, and extremely knowledgeable, he is one of the few doctors that will never recomend a procedure unless it is truly the right course of action. After many bad experiences with dentists in several states, I can without an ounce of doubt say that there is not a better dentist out there!


My teeth were so bad that for 68 years, I tried to smile without showing my teeth. Dr. Daniyar is a genius, a sculpture. I have never felt so pretty in my entire life.